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Heecheollie being really gentle with his fans, giving food, drinks and even his cardigan~! (credit 1, 2, 3)

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Itazura na kissssssssssssss <3


My destiny <3

Taemin Only one <3

Pre-debut, ZE:A’s Taeheon, who had lost both parents to esophageal cancer when he was younger, let them hear their songs through his headphones.

When Junyoung broke down because he couldn’t perform with ZE:A due to a leg injury and felt as though he had let everyone down, Taeheon comforted and cried with his hyung.

Maybe, just maybe, that’s how Taeheon loves his leader Junyoung so much.

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13.11.23 ZE:A First Home Concert

영원히 함께 가자!

Baby Woo

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Nothing is better than you. Even just a smile from you can make me happy and have the energy to go through each day. 사랑합니다, 김태헌♥

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